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For Certificate Attestation :

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Now a days most of the GCC Countries required Certificate attestation for the Professionals.

Attestation for the All the Medical Professionals is mandatory, without the attestation they will not be able to work with the concern countries, because MOH will not give the approval to practice in the concern countries.

If the visa Category is above supervisor level most of the GCC country companies are insisting for the Certificate Attestation, some professionals those who are going to work for the Government Project and those who likes to bring the family need to do the attestation of their certificates.

Attestation Procedures :

Professionals need to get the attestation, need to proceed as below. Before proceed for the attestation, make sure with the employer or the Consultant what are the documents need to do the attestation. Medical professionals like Doctors and Nurses, all their technical qualification to be attested and their experience certificate also attestation.

Documents required for Attestation

  1. Original Degree + Original Marklist – All / Consolidated + 2 sets of copy
  2. Offer letter (Original preferred)
  3. Passport copy
  4. Recent Photograph
  5. Rs 1 Court Stamp

HRD (Human Resource Dept) Attestation :

Professionals needs to undergo HRD attestation initially, it will be available Secretariat of the State Capital. All the above documents to be submitted the above department, they will collect the original with the acknowledgement. HRD will send the documents to the Concern University for the Verification. Recommended to go the concern university to speed up the process. Some of the University have policy to collect the money for the verification, until you are paid the amount, the University will not send the documents to HRD department.  Once University has sent back the documents to HRD, you may collect back your Certificates with HRD Attestation.

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation :

will be update shortly

Embassy / Consulate Attestation :

Once you received the HRD & MEA (except Saudi Arabia), you may get the concern country attestation, you need to proceed to Embassy / Consulate. Most of the Consulate & Embassy is available in Delhi & Mumbai, recommended to get it done through the recognized Travel Agency.

For Saudi Arabia attestation, even though you completed your HRD and MEA, need to approach Saudi Cultural Attache (SCA) in Delhi. Please Click to get the contact information about SCA.

For SCA, you need the following documents to proceed further

  • Original Offer Letter
  • Original Certificates + Mark list + All copies
  • Passport Copy

Even though you completed the HRD & MEA, SCA will send your documents to the concern university to recheck the genuineness of the certificates, once the received from the University then only SCA will release your documents. It will take approx 2 – 3 weeks.

Once the above has completed, need to submit the documents for embassy / consulate attestation.

Attestation of Marriage Certificate:

Will update shortly


Birth Certificate Attestation :

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