Living Guide – Saudi Arabia

 Useful information about Saudi Arabia

Capital: Riyadh

Location: The Middle East, bordering Iraq 814 km, Jordan 744 km, Kuwait 222 km, Oman 676 km, Qatar 60 km, UAE 457 km, Yemen 1,458 km

Climate: dry desert with great temperature extremes

Population: 25,795,938 including 5,576,076 non-nationals (as on July 2004 est.) Ethnic Make-up: Arab 90%, Afro-Asian 10%

 International Indian School in Saudi Arabia

The International Indian School, Riyadh

Contact Information

Boys Section: 
Tel # 4912239, 4934695 Fax # 4932383
Girls Section
Tel # 2323248 / 2318092 Fax # 2391882


The International Indian School, Jeddah

Contact Information
P.O. Box : 14861 Jeddah – 21434, Phone : 6751536,  Fax : 6751539

International Indian School Dammam (IISD)

Contact Information
Po Box 3320 Khobar – 31952 Phone: 814 2801  Fax : 814 2806

International Indian School Jubail (IISJ)

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Hospitals in Saudi Arabia 

For expatriates, it will help to identifying the hospital in Saudi Arabia.

Emergency Numbers 
Fire: 998
Police: 999
Ambulance (Red Crescent): 997
Traffic Accident Police: 993

Riyadh :

Armed Forces (Military) Hospital 

General telephone: 477-7714 Address: P.O.Box 22490  Riyadh 11426

King Abdul Aziz University Hospital 
General telephone: 478-6100
Address: P.O.Box 7897 , Riyadh 11159

King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital 
General telephone: 252-0088
Address: Jaber Alsabah Road ( Khasmalan Road )
P.O.Box 22490 , Riyadh 11426

King Faisal Specialist Hospital 
General telephone: 464-7272
Emergency Room: 442-3398
Poison Control: 442-7604
Address: Al Zahrawi Street P.O.Box 3354 Riyadh 11211

King Khalid University Hospital 
General telephone: 467-0011
Address: Ad’Diriyah District, P.O. Box 7805 , Riyadh

Prince Salman Hospital 
General telephone: 441-1100
Address: P.O.Box 56773 Riyadh 11564

Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre 
General telephone: 479-1000
Address: P.O.Box 9991 Riyadh 11625

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital 
General telephone: 482-1234
Address: P.O.Box 7191 Riyadh 11462
King Fahd Hospital 
General telephone: 660-6111
Address: P.O.Box 8488 Jeddah 21196

King Abdul Aziz University Hospital 
General telephone: 640-1000
Address: Ali Al Murtada Road P.O. Box 1540 Jeddah 21441

King Khalid Hospital 
General telephone: 665-6200

Maternity and Children’s Hospital 
General Telephone: 665-2600
Address: P.O.Box 13877 Jeddah 21414

Al Amal Hospital 
General telephone: 654-9762
Address: P.O. Box 7822 Jeddah
Damman Central Hospital 
General telephone: 842-7777
Address: P.O.Box 1984 Damman 31196

Maternity & Children’s Hospital 
General telephone: 966-3-842-6666


Dr. Eman Al-Kofide (The Pediatric Dental Consulting Centre) 450-4266
Dr. Ayman (Lasting Smile Dental Clinic) 464-0216
Dr. Firas Bukai (Lasting Smile Dental Clinic) 464-0216

Hiba Injibar Kassir (Consulting Clinics) 465-9100

Gynecology and Obstetrics 
Dr Ismail Badawi ( King Faisal Specialist Hospital ) 462-7272
Dr Kurdi evening clinics 442-3434

Dr. Ghassen Khoury (Consulting Clinics) 465-9100

Dr Fouad El Ladki (Consulting Clinics) 465-9100
( Kingdom Hospital ) 275-1111
Dr. Hasan Al Esseh ( Kingdom Hospital ) 275-1111

Dr. Cheryl O’andansan (Humanitarian City) 562-0000

It is important to note that, in many cases, government hospitals may require non-Saudi nationals to obtain dispensation for the use of their facilities. This is not the case however, with government hospitals that have private care facilities.

Saudi Arabia Important telephone numbers

Saudi Arabia International telephone code
The international country calling code of Saudi Arabia is +966.

Saudi Arabia City Area Telephone Codes 
+966 1 Riyadh, Kharj
+966 2 Makkah, Jeddah
+966 3 Dammam, Khobar, Dahran
+966 4 Madenah, Tabok
+966 6 Hail, Oneza, Boraydah
+966 7 Abha, Najran, Jezan

Saudi Arabia Mobile Telephone Codes 

Mobile code: +966 5

Saudi Arabia Emergency Telephone Numbers 
Traffic Accidents 993
Police 999
Ambulance 997
Narcotics hotline 995
Fire 998

Saudi Arabia Speaking Clock 
961 -exact time in English

Family Visit Application

 Permanent family visa for Saudi Arabia

The procedure for bringing Family on Permanent visa.

Initial Steps : Those who wants to bring the family to the Kingdom, the profession in the residence permit or iqama, they must have the required profession approved by Saudi MOFA. But if you are qualified, i.e., a degree holder and yet your iqama profession is in one of those mentioned in the ‘restricted’ list, then the best way out is to get your profession changed as mentioned and then apply for a family visa.

Should have the following certificates attested,

1. Original degree / diploma certificate

2. Original marriage certificate

3. Birth certificates of children

You also need the following:

1. Arabic translation of your marriage certificate

2. Arabic translation of your degree / diploma certificate

The above all have to be done in your home country.

Attestation Steps

  1. HRD (Human Resource Development) Ministry (Which is available in the Secretariat of the Capital of the State) or the Ministry of Education (where applicable).
  2. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) (Need to go to Delhi / do it through agency) MEA will accept the documents once HRD completed.

For that You need the following documents

  1. Offer Letter Copy (Original Preferred)
  2. Attested Documents Original (Degree/ Diploma)+ Copy
  3. Marklist of all semesters / Consolidated Marklist – Original + copy
  4. Passport in Original + copy
  5. 2 Photograph
  6. 1 Rupee court stamp

Note : Some University demand money to give the approval and some University will not demand, we should follow up with the University and pay it directly if applicable. Else the attestation will not be done.

Once HRD & MEA has done, the documents to be attested by Embassy of Concern Country where you need (Saudi Arabia / UAE/ Oman / Kuwait / Bahrain ).

While you are submitting the documents to Embassy / Consulate, again the above proceed will be done by them to recheck the gentility of the Certificates. Upon receipt from the University Embassy will deliver the Certificates with Attestation.

Need to receive the documents to you, once all the above formalities has done.

Now, you need two more documents to get visa.

  1. Salary certificate which has to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce in your city (Abroad).
  2. Introduction letter from your sponsor in Arabic, complete with all the details of your salary, your position in the company, etc., in the company letter head with the signature of your company’s authorized representative and company seal.

Approach any of the agents and get all the processing done through them. This will help you to done in smooth way. However, you can also get the work done here yourself. In that case, do the following.

v Collect application form for permanent family visa & complete all the details in Arabic. Reconfirm that there are no mistakes before submitting.

v  Submit the following to the Passport Department ( Jawasat )in where you are living:

1. Original family visa application

2. Copy of iqama

3. Original salary certificate / introduction letter from Company in Arabic with salary details attested by the Chamber of Commerce

4. Copy of the passport of each one in family (eg., wife and each child)

5. Copy of birth certificate for each children

6. Arabic translation of the copy of marriage certificate

7 Copy of Attested degree / diploma certificate.

9. Arabic translation of degree / diploma certificate.

9. Copy of Passport

10. Copy of work permit card (the original is normally attached to the passport and will be in custody of sponsor)

If going personally, keep ready the following Originals:

1. Original degree certificate

2. Original marriage certificate

3. Original iqama

4. Original work permit card

If everything goes well, you will receive a so-called ‘Yellow Slip’ immediately. Get a color photo copy of this yellow slip for your records and send the original to your family in your home country.

Once your family received the above documents, they need to proceed the following steps.

Visa Stamping (Documents required) Recommended to submit through Recognized Travel Agency

  • Ø Passport with 6+ months validity
  • Ø GAMCA Medical Report
  • Ø Visa Slip
  • Ø Sponsor Passport Copy
  • Ø Iqama / Work permit copy
  • Ø Photos (6×4 milky white background face should cover 70% of the photo)

It will take maximum 7 working days to receive the documents back after visa stamping.

  • Ø Plan & Book your ticket

Family visit visa

There are a lot of expatriates in the kingdom who are currently without their families, It will assist to bring them on a visit visa.

As in our previous top about the job position in the iqama is applicable for family visit also. If you are eligible to bring your family only for certain types of visas (like engineer, doctor, technician, etc) =(( If your have arrived on a labor visa, you have absolutely no chance of bringing your family, and it is better to get the profession changed to some other category – this is not an easy task though.

If you are eligible to bring your family, do the following steps and proceed to fill in the online form, you must have with you the following documents ready.

  1. Your original iqama (keep a copy with yourself for records)
  2. Your passport photocopy
  3. Introduction letter in Arabic from your employer giving details about your salary
  4. Passport copy of the visiting member (parents / children / in-laws) (Note that a separate application has to be made for each individual family member whom you are going to sponsor)

For sponsoring your in-laws, the following additional documents are required #:-S

  • Certificate from a hospital in case your wife needs support for any reason, eg., pregnancy
  • Wife’s passport copy – this is to prove the relationship between your wife and her father / mother
  • Copy of your Marriage Certificate, translated in Arabic and attested by the Saudi consulate / embassy in your home country

Once you are ready with all of the above.

Login link The name of your family member AND the name of the sponsor (i.e., YOU) should be filled ONLY in English. All the remaining data are to be filled in Arabic. Remember, YOU are the sponsor for your family, and NOT your employer. In case more than one family member is visiting you and are coming by the same flight, enter their names in the same form, otherwise use separate forms.

In the column asking for the number of days of visa required, type “90”. If you are lucky, you will get a 3-month visit visa, otherwise it will be only a 1-month visa. However, you can always renew the visit visa twice, and each extension is for one month only. In the column asking for the purpose of the visit, type as “family visit” in Arabic.

Once you fill in this form, recheck once again and submit, upon submit, will get an acknowledgement number. Print two copies of this. Keep one copy with yourself as a reference. Take a printout of your filled-in application form, sign with date where required. Also get the signature and stamp of your company sponsor. Once completed, attach with the remaining documents mentioned above and submit it to your nearest Ministry of Foreign Affairs office (not with the passport office (Jawasat, as it is known locally). Renewal can be done in the Jawasat, but for the first time, you must submit it in the MOFA office.

You must submit the above documents within 3 working days of filling in the on-line form, or else all your effort is useless. Keep it in mind, Thursdays & Fridays are weekly offs for Government departments in the kingdom.

You may wait for about a week &  visit the above mentioned link once again. Type in your iqama number and the acknowledgement number which is mentioned in the printout which you took earlier. If you get the same page after hitting the ‘Enter’ button on your keyboard, it means that your visa is still under processing. Otherwise, you should get a so-called ‘Yellow slip’. Take two ‘COLOR’ printouts of this, and keep one for your reference, and note down the URL address.

You have completed 50% of the work and remaining will be in your home country, so send the documents to your family 🙂

  1. The ‘Yellow slip’ color printout mentioned above
  2. Copy of your Iqama
  3. Copy of your passport (remember, you are the sponsor)
  4. Copy of your marriage certificate (required only when you plan to bring your in-laws to prove the relationship between your wife and her parent(s) – this is to ensure that the visitor is really your in-law
  5. Printout of your last 3 months’ bank statement
  6. A letter in English addressed to the Saudi Embassy / Consulate of your home country stating that you will be present to receive your guest
  7. Introduction letter in Arabic from your employer giving details about your salary

Send all of the above documents to your home country. Along with the above documents, the following should be attached by your family member and submitted to the Saudi Embassy / Consulate in your home country by the recognized travel agency:

  1. Original passport of each family member who plans to visit
  2. Passport copy of your wife (incase your in-laws are visiting – this is to prove that the visitor is indeed your in-law)
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