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  Living Guide in Qatar 

About Country

Qatar is a very small country in the Arabian Gulf. It borders on United Arab Emirates  and Saudi Arabia by land & Bahrain by Sea. Doha is the capital city of Qatar. Qatar becomes independence from British rule on September 3, 1971. Qatar is currently ruled by the Emir, HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani. Arabic is the official language in Qatar, and English is widely spoken. Islam is the official religion of the country, and the Shariah (Islamic Law) is the principal source of legislation in the country.

 Doha, Al Wakrah, Ras Lafan, Al Khor, Dukhan, Al Shamal, Mesaieed and others.

Climate :

Qatar has a moderate desert climate,It is small, flat, dry and hot, with little or no arable land.. It is 160 Km long and 55 to 80 Km wide with a total area of 11,437 sq km. Temperatures in summer are usually in the high 30s to low 40s (Celsius), although temperatures into the high 40s are mostly recorded. Winter temperatures are mild and rarely go into the single digits.


 Current (Qatari Riyal QR)

Qatari Riyal (QR)is divided into 100 dirhams. The Exchange rate of Qatari Riyal (QR) = INR 13.6 (Depending upon the market) – For the updated rate check with the below currency convertor.

 New Born Baby & Registration :

In Qatar a birth certificate is issued to all children born in Qatar, but children born from other nationals are not entitled to Qatari Nationality by reason of their birth in Qatar.

Hamad Medical Corporation (Ministry of Health) will issue 2 letters to obtain a birth certificate but the parents must register their child’s birth to their respective country’s Embassy / Consulate.

The following documents required for a birth certificate:

  1. Children local birth certificate
  2. Both parents passports
  3. Marriage certificates
  4. Visas and copies of public health department
  5. Completed birth form

A cost of QR 310 applies per copy of each birth certificate & it is normally issued within a week. Permits for the Newborn babies registration must be processed & completed within 60 days of their birth. Qr 10 per day penalty for the failures until the visa is issued.

Procedure to get Family Visa

Expatriate who wish (Must have eligible ie on Salary) to bring their families to live in Qatar / renew their residence visas are required to get approval from the Ministry of Labor.

 Application Process :

Follow below procedure to apply for New / Renew a Family Visa:

  • To be Print and fill up  the form.
  •  Enclose a letter from your employer outlining your position and salary.
  • Enclose the copies of your family’s passports.
  • Enclose statements of adoption along with adoption reasons, if any.
  • Enclose the copies of your Education certificate, Marriage certificate, & birth certificates of all children (if required). The documents should be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as your country’s embassy in Qatar.
  • Enclose a copy of your electricity bill.
  • Submit the application to the Ministry of Labor’s Labor Department.

Note :

  • Application Should be complete in Arabic.
  • English Names should be in specified boxes.
  • Must hold your ID (work permit) first before applying for Family Visa.
  • For a GCC resident who wishes to bring a wife of a different Nationality to Qatar, you must compile an additional No-Objection Certificate from your Country for approving your marriage to a foreigner.
  • If working for a Government sector, the letter outlining your salary and position must be approved by the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Housing.
  • Keep all original documents when submitting the application for review.

Download Various Forms

Note :

You can check the status of your Family Visa application online.

For Profession amendment

Employees who have changed jobs or career paths should apply to the Ministry of Labor to have the job titles on their ID cards amended.

Application Process

Follow these steps to change the profession listed the applicant’s ID:

  • Obtain an application form from the front desk of the Labor Department.
  • Attach a copy of the company’s Establishment ID, municipal license along with the applicant’s previous employment contract, ID, academic and employment certificates.
  • Provide all the required information about the company, including a report on the number of workers.
  • Provide a request to amend the applicant’s profession on his/her work visa.
  • Attach three original copies of the applicant’s employment contract for the amended position, along with a bank statement showing his/her salary amount.
  • Attach two “To Whom It May Concern” letters authorizing the job change.
  • Bring all required documents to the reception and pay the appropriate fees.

Note :

A fee of QR40 applies for authorizing two amendments or QR60 for three amendments. The processing period may take 10 days after approval.

Visit Visa :

Expatriates in Qatar may sponsor their Family & relatives for up to six months duration. (Initial stay is for one month, & it can be renewed up to a total of six months.) Wives and children can come for up to a year.
To apply for the Visiting visa the applicant need to have a copy of his

  1. id or passport
  2. a copy of the visitor’s passport
  3. a letter from the applicant’s own sponsor (employer)
  4. Proof of their relationship such as by birth(Children) / Marriage certificates (Wife) / Parents.
  5. Two photographs of the visitor..

The validity of visit visa for a month but it can be renew for up to 5 months for immediate family & for up to 2 months for other family residents.

Residents in the country should apply at the Gharaffa immigration department near Landmark.


Procedure for Driving License :

If you are holding Valid International Driving License on your arrival to Qatar, you are permitted to drive in the country for 7 days only (which includes your day of arrival).  Those who are going to stay in Qatar for more than 6 months, then they have to apply for either a temporary or permanent driving license.

If you are a resident of the G.C.C. countries, GCC license will be valid for 3 months from the date of your arrival in Qatar.
A temporary license holders will be allowed to drive rental cars, however you may not be insured to drive a privately owned car – (this is at the discretion of the insurance company and they should be contacted to ensure coverage).

As soon as you got your residence permit, temporary license to be converted into a Permanent license. It is valid for 5 years.
In Case If not hold a valid driving license applicant home country, then you have to enroll yourself into a driving school. Depending on driving skills, it required to take a full course (25 classes) / a half course (12 classes).
For enroll for Driving License :

  • Passport copy with visa or Immigration ID copy
  • Passport size photos – 5 Nos
  • QR 2000 full course (Negotiable & it will vary depending upon the number of classes)
  • Eye test to be completed at the traffic department in Madinat Khalifa /  a Certificate from a licensed optician / Private clinic.

 Most of the Western countries Driving licenses can be converted.  They no need for you to take the test or go to a driving school, though you are required to do an eye test at the traffic department.

 If the expatriates license is from Asia, you may have to undergo a driving test or the traffic department will suggest on your application form to go to a driving school for two weeks (half the course).

 Holders of GCC licenses can obtain a permanent Qatar license automatically, regardless of their country of origin.

If you haven’t received a Residence Permit (RP) they will give you a temporary license after an eye test, & as soon as you get your RP, they will convert that into a permanent license.

If you are in  Business visa, then Arabic application form to be submitted by the Sponsor at Madinat Khalifa Traffic Department.

Documents Required :
•    The application form
•    Original & Copy of Driver’s license from your home country
•    Original / Copy of Passport or your Qatar ID
•    Copy of trade license (if you are sponsored by a company)
•    Passport photos – 4 Nos (with eye glasses if required)
•    Eye examination at the traffic department (cost QR 150 paid by credit card, cash is not accepted) / a certificate from a licensed optician / private clinic.

Visa Regulations :


Visa type Period Fees Authority

Special conditions

1 Visit visa for family members

One month renewable for a maximum period of five months for immediate relatives and two months for other relatives

-220 riyals for each visa   -50 riyals for each companion in the passport-220 riyals for each month of renewal Directory of Residents Affairs in the General Directory of Passports


2 Visit visa for wives and children

One year or more

-520 riyals for the wife-120 riyals for each companion in the passport Directory of Residents Affairs in the General Directory of Passports


3 Work visa under the sponsorship of companies and institutes

One year or more

220 riyals Directory of Residents Affairs in the General Directory of Passports

Approval of the Permanent Committee of Recruiting

4 Work visa under personal sponsorship(servants and others..) One year or more -220 riyals for Qataris -1020 riyals for non-Qataris Directory of Residents Affairs in the General Directory of Passports Approval of the Permanent Committee of Recruiting
5 Return visa


-220 riyals 50 riyals for each companion in the passport Directory of Residents Affairs in the General Directory of Passports

The visa visit should be valid for a period longer than the person’s stay abroad.

6 Tourist visa

Two weeks renewable for two more weeks

-50 riyals for each two weeks – 20 riyals for each companion Directory of Residents Affairs in the General Directory of Passports

– two-way ticket on the Qatari Airways

-either the presence of immediate relatives in Qatar or booking at a hotel

– an amount of 5000 riyals or its equivalent

7 Business visa

Two weeks renewable for two more weeks

50 riyals for each two weeks Directory of Residents Affairs in the General Directory of Passports

Issued at the entry on condition that there is a deputy from the company or institution

8 Visa for GCC residents

Two weeks renewable for another two weeks

– 50 riyals-20 riyals for each companion Directory of Residents Affairs in the General Directory of Passports

Valid residence permit in one of GCC countries for at least three months

9 Visa for companions of GCC nationals

One month renewable according to the request of the sponsor

100 riyals for each month Directory of Residents Affairs in the General Directory of Passports


10 Work visa

Six months or less

– 100 riyals for each month  if the sponsor is a company or an institute– 20 riyals for each month if the sponsor is a person The Permanent Committee for Recruiting


11 Lorry drivers’ visa

– five days and can be extended

– three months for a number of travels

– 100 riyals for each month– visa fees obtained abroad + fax fees – The Directory of Residents Affairs-Qatari missions abroad-The directory of Passports of Entries

The lorry should be Qatari licensed or owned by one of GCC nationals and loading goods from GCC countries

12 Multi-visit visa

– not exceeding six months

-not exceeding one year

– 300 riyals+50 riyals for each companion-600 riyals+50 riyals for each companion Directory of Recruiting Affairs

Issued for employees, technicians, and workers with short-term contracts and employees of foreign companies that have branches in Qatar whose residence in Qatar is for a short period.


 Driving Test :

QR 50 to register fee for the test.  It has 4 steps.

  1. Oral test for the road and traffic signs
  2. L-parking, pocket parking
  3. Actual road test. (note that each test will prerequisite for the next, you need to pass to proceed to the next).  The tests are conducted in manual transmission cars and there may be up to four people in the car, each one taking turns to drive.  During the Holy month of Ramadan ladies are not permitted to take a road test.Procedure to convert temporary license to a permanent driver’s license 
    Documents Required
    •    Your temporary driver’s license (TDL)
    •    Photos – 2 Nos
    •    Passport copy
    •    Residence permit copy
    •    QR 155 as Process fees.International Driving License You can obtain an International driving license from the Qatar Automobile and Touring Club (Tel: 441 3265)  as well as some Travel Agencies (Regency Travels).  To do so, you will need to bring with you the following:
    •    Valid Qatar Driving License
    •    Passport
    •    2 passport photos
    •    Process fees of QR 100
Important  Numbers


Police , Civil Defense and Emergency


Water and Electricity Emergency


Accidents and Emergency – Hamad Hospital


Hamad Medical Corporation


Medical Commission


Telephone Directory



Presidency of Ministers’ Council General Secretariat


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of Education


Ministry of Social Affairs


Ministry of Health


Ministry of Environment


Ministry of Labor


Ministry of Finance


Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs


Ministry of Energy and Industry


Ministry of Justice


Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Planning


Ministry of Defense


Ministry of Commerce and Business


Public Prosecution


Public Works Authority


Central Municipal Council



Doha Sheraton Hotel and Spa


Marriot Hotel


Ramada Hotel


Al Waha Hotel


Sofitel Hotel


Other Usefull Numbers

Legislative Council


Qatar University


Qatar Investment Authority


E- Government


General Authority for Retirement and Pensions


General Secretariat for Educational Planning


Administrative Development Institute


Auditing Authority


Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Radio and TV Authority


Qatar News Agency


Foreign Media Section


General Authority for Minors Affairs


Supreme Council for Justice


Supreme Council for Education


Qatar Foundation


Supreme Council for Family Affairs


Al Shaflah Centre for Special Need Children


Family Counseling Centre


Qatar Foundation for Protecting Women and Children


Qatar Foundation for Caring Old age


Qatar Foundation for Orphans


National Office for Combating Human Trafficking


Qatar National Olympic Committee


Civil Aviation Authority – Flight Movement


Qatar Water and Electricity (Kahrama)


Museums Authority


Qatar Petroleum


Qatar Specification Authority


Central Tenders Committee


General Authority for Ports and Customs


Qatar Postal Authority


Qatar Central Bank


Qatar Tourism Authority


Ict Qatar


Ministry E Services 

  • Visa Approval Tracking
  • Visa Enquiry & Printing

  • RP Application Tracking & Printing

  • Metrash for Individuals

  • Traffic Violations

  • Official Documents

  • Exit Permit Application Form

  • Airport Entry Permit Application Form

    Indian Schools

    Doha Modern Indian School

    Location: Abu Hamour, near Pakistani School, PB 47391, Doha
    Contact: +974 44583121 / 22
    Fax: +974 44583124
    Curriculum: CBSE syllabus

    Al-Khor International School – Indian Stream

    Location: Al Khor Housing Community, PB 22166, Doha
    Contact: +974 44734301
    Fax: +974 44734360
    Curriculum: CBSE curriculum, kindergarten to year 10

    Birla Public School

    Location: Building No.270, 40 D New Salatha Street, D Ring Road, Opp. Noor Al Khaleej International school, PB 24686, Doha
    Contact: +974 44676701 /02 /03 / 44551249
    Fax: +974 4466212 / 213 / 44676101
    Curriculum: Affiliated to CBSE, India

    DPS Modern Indian School

    Location: PB 14868, Doha
    Contact: +974 44660366 /44654958
    Fax: +974 44667117
    Curriculum: Affiliated to CBSE, India

    Ideal Indian School

    Location: Salwa Road, Abu Hamour, PB 2836, Doha
    Contact: +974 4684849 /4929 / 5337
    Fax: +974 4682939
    Curriculum: Affiliated to CBSE, India

    MES Indian School

    Location: PB 3453, Doha
    Contact: +974 44572888
    Fax: +974 44681816
    Curriculum: Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, India

    Qatar Newspapers

    English Newspapers in Qatar

    Arabic Newspapers in Qatar

     Qatar TV Channels

    Qatar Television (QTV)

    QTV began its first phase of transmission in 1970 in black and white, while the colored transmission began in 1974. The second channel which transmits in English was opened in 1982. QTV has 24 hours of daily transmission. Website:

    Qatar News Agency (QNA)

    Beginning with just half an hour of transmission a day in 1975, QNA now transmits non-stop 18 hours in Arabic, English, Spanish and Portuguese through its worldwide network and transmission. More details at

    Foreign Information Agency (FIA)

    The FIA enjoys an autonomous status that permits it to discharge information policies, duties and objectives assigned to it with high efficiency level. Website:

    Al-Jazeera Independent satellite

    This is a television news channel in Arabic, while its website has a link to the English version. It covers sections on news, business, culture, science & technology, Arab stock indices, world stock indices, currency converter and other features.

    Al-Jazeera sports channel

    Specialized Arabic sports channel by Al-Jazeera Qatari news channel. Website –

    Al-Jazeera International

    International English version of Al-Jazeera Qatari news channel. Website –

    Showtime Arabia

    This digital satellite pay TV network in the Middle East and North Africa, a joint venture between Viacom and KIPCO, offers about 50 prime channels. Website –

    Al Muftah Group – Cable Vision

    Authorized dealer appointed by Qatar Cable Vision (QCV) to sell, install and service cable TV systems. Website:

    Al-Kass – Qatari League Channel

    Specialized Qatari Arabic sports channel. Website:

    JSC Sports Guide, Qatar

    English translation of Aljazeera Sport TV schedule. Website:

    Baraem TV, Qatar

    TV channel for children in Qatar. Website:

    Taalam TV Channel, Qatar

    Online TV channel for kids in Qatar. The channel offers programs, videos, science and technology knowledge, and contests to enrich children education.

    Call center:             (+974) 440-7777
    Email :
    Retail Banking Tel             (+974) 440-7777
    Corporate Banking Tel             (+974) 440-7321
    Fax (+974) 443-1036
    Private Banking Tel             (+974) 440-7177
    Fax (+974) 440-7636
    Investments Tel             (+974) 440-7339

    All Branches : Sunday – Thursday: 7.30am-1pm
    City Centre / Mall : Saturday – Thursday: 10.15am – 10.15pm
    Friday: 4.15pm – 10.15pm

    Marriott/Sheraton/Ritz Carlton
    Sunday – Wednesday: Morning 8.30am – 12.30pm
    Afternoon 5:30pm – 8:00pm
    Thursday 8:30am – 1:30pm

    ·         Bank Saderat Iran

    PO Box 2256, Doha
    Tel             974 4414646      , Fax 974 4430121

    ·         Al Ahli Bank of Qatar

    Suhim Bin Hamad Street, P.O.Box. 2309, Doha
    Tel: 4232507, Fax: 4130992
    Weekly working days: 7.30 am – 1.00 pm (Sunday to Thursday)

    ·         Mashreq Bank Qatar

    P.O. Box 173, Old Al-Maghreb Area, Jabor Bin Mohammed Street, Doha
    Tel             +974 4413213      , Fax +974 4413880

    ·         Doha Bank Limited

    PO Box: 30828
    Tel +974 4715634/4715631 Fax +974 4715618/31

    ·         HSBC Qatar

    Tel 442 HSBC ( 442 4722) / 4382100

    ·         Banque Paribas – Qatar

    Al Fardan Office Tower, 6th Floor, 61 Al Funduq Street
    Diplomatic District, West Bay, PO Box 2636 Doha – Qatar
    Tel :             (+974) 4 537537       Fax: (+974) 4 537453

    ·         Central Bank Qatar

    P.O. Box No. 1234 Al Corniche Area Doha
    Tel:             + (974) 445-6456       Fax: + 974 443-0490

    ·         Qatar Islamic Bank

    Call Center: Tel. 4448444 Email

    ·         Qatar Industrial Development Bank

    Grand Hamad Street PO Box 22789
    Tel 4421600 Fax 4350433 Email

    ·         Arab Bank

    Tel : 438 7878

    ·         Standard Chartered Bank Qatar

    Doha Main Branch Abdulla bin Jassim Street, P.O. Box 29 Doha, Qatar
    Tel             + 974 4414252       /             +974 4410973

    ·         The International Bank of Qatar (IBQ)

    Head Office Suhaim Bin Hamad Street PO Box 2001 Doha
    Tel: +974 4447 8000 Fax: +974 4447 3745

    ·         The Commercial Bank of Qatar

    Head Office: Grand Hamad Street PO Box 3232, Doha State of Qatar
    Telephone:             +974 449 0000       Facsimile: +974 449 0070 Telex: 4351 TEJARI DH
    Swift Code : CBQAQAQA
    General enquiries:

    ·         United Bank Limited

    PO Box No 242 Doha
    Tel             +974-4254444       Fax +974-4254401 Email:

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